Reply To: Michigan State Police Turning Away Pre-2011 Registrants


My public SOR page on the web showed up with a red non-compliance notice on Friday for “failure to verify” . Like others, I have attempted to voluntarily verify and update at the local MSP post, only to be turned away because of their orders from the internal memorandum based on the date of offense. Since this non-compliance “Scarlet A within a Scarlet A” is obviously contrary to the injunction against verification and enforcement during the court case and pandemic, I wonder if this is an overlooked automated process (seeing as how there are over 8,000, or 1 in 5 or 6 registrants in MI non-compliant), or something they think they can use to flout the injunction. I think my only possibility to get this potential felony taken care of is for them to let me verify. Any thoughts from anybody?