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charlie822, I’ve met many people who were in horrible relationships, and all they ever did was complain about their partner/wife/whatever, but they never just up and left them, even when neither had children to look after. Some of these relationships were very abusive, and I constantly asked why *anyone* would allow themselves to be treated so badly, for so long. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that when someone is subjected to abuse for long enough, they sort of ‘normalize’ it. However, there is more to it, because some of these people told me what they feared more than being trapped in a nightmare of a relationship, was the prospect of being completely *alone*, and taking a huge risk, constantly worrying that they may be unable to support themselves, or stand on their own two feet. I think that the reason why some kind of major ‘revolt’ hasn’t arisen to the ever worsening laws and policies regarding so called ‘sex offenses’, and why individuals continue to put up with being treated like something you’d scrape off the bottom of your shoe, is for the exact same reasons people remain in relationships where they will *always* be absolutely miserable: Fear, the feeling of having no control, and the ‘normalization’ of abuse and loss of liberty. Before change can ever happen, people need to first become aware that change *needs* to happen, and most importantly, that they are *not* alone. This is why people share their ‘sob’ stories here, and why communication and information are so important… a bit more than two cents, but my opinion, for what it’s worth.