Reply To: In Mississippi a family destroyed


This country “THE MONSTER” has always been pitting us people against each other. It is its best way to distract all people from what is actually going on. In 4 months the monster has deleted EVERYONES rights. Now the monster tells EVERYONE if you are “essential” or not. It tells you if you can work to support your family or not, it tells you when you can leave your house, it tells you who you can visit and when, it tells you when you can go shop for food and what you can buy, it tells you what to wear on your face, and it tells you when you can travel. It tells you to tell on your neighbor if he or she is not conforming, it tells you that the people not conforming to the mandates are your enemy by endangering your safety. For years the Monster has taken, walked on and made examples of sex offenders for the “safety” of the people. Now they have taken, walked on and stripped the rights of every American citizen in the USA, For the “safety” of the people. The very scary part is that EVERYONE just complied, no backlash, just lost everything for their safety. So do you think anyone is going to care about ANYONES rights any more???? No! because it has been done. Sex offenders were an experiment and it passed. Now they tell everyone who can contact who and who can visit who, “For Safety’s Sake”. Not just sex offenders are screwed anymore. Everyone is.