Reply To: In Mississippi a family destroyed


aw, poor baby…. listen, we all gotta sad story. If Jesus himself were molested as a kid and Mary and Joseph personally show up at the White House, they wouldn’t care in the least. How many years are we going to be telling ourselves these stories. No one feels sorry for us and no one ever will. Our presence in the courts is the only thing that will change any of this. Articles, podcasts, blog posts always filled with complaining and self-pity. That’s not working ok. Let’s think of another avenue of reform. Roe vs. Wade from the moment it was filed in the Dallas district court to the final Supreme Court decision was less than 3 years. One of the biggest most controversial cases in the history of our country was opened and closed in less than 3 years. Meanwhile we’re now entering our second decade? Is there no high powered lawyer who will take this on? Among almost a million of us we can’t seem to get organized enough in a decade to raise money for an attorney to settle this once and for all? If I didn’t know better I would start to believe we are suffering from some kind of Stockholm Syndrome where we are so used to the abuse and impossibleness of it all that we have unconsciously accepted it and no longer know how to live without it.