Reply To: African Americans disproportionately represented on sex offender registries


Why does everyone believe that all cultures do everything in equal proportions .
Norwegians are only 1% of the worlds population but they eat 99% of all salted cod . OMG we must fix this inequity . I have been in the Black ghettos and know child abuse in them is RAMPANT . Stating that fact is not racist it is just a fact . Maybe ghetto culture is why there are more blacks in jail and on registries , not racism .
Blacks are only 12% of the population but 90% of all crack dealers .
Blacks are 80% of NFL players . Is that racism . Should we make the NFL 12% black since they are only 12% of the population . Are there too many black basketball players compared to the % of population .
If there were only 1 million pairs of red shoes , and blacks bought more than 12% is that racism ? See how dumb that argument is ?