Reply To: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rejects SORNA Challenge

nobody in particular

I agree with Maestro: beyond full scale revolution, things will just continue to get worse. I greatly appreciate the constant efforts of advocacy groups such as Narsol, trying to change the system from within, but it seems every time a small victory, a small sliver of a crack is made in the massive fortress that is “sex offense policy”, it’s not only quickly patched, but the new masonry is twice as strong as before. I would imagine that even if some day the courts just out and admitted the whole scheme is aggressively punitive, the powers that be would simply shrug and say “It doesn’t matter anyway, because this particular group of criminals are just a bunch of dirty perverts, which don’t even qualify as human anymore,” and the bulk of the population would concur. Still, all change begins with language, knowledge, and honesty, so I am grateful that even a small glimmer of truth can survive in an ocean of lies, and for those who still hold out hope, when registrants like me have become complacent, accepting the eternal label as the “bad guy,” and the souless “monster”.