Reply To: In Florida another restriction that will further harm society

H n H

What should we expect? Watching the news makes one think Epstein was a pedophile when he clearly was NOT. I’m so disgusted with the news and virtually all media repeatedly calling him a pedophile. His youngest “victim” was 14,and his “oldest” was 17. And so, a 17 ur old makes him a pedophile? The media is having a field day and instilling more and more fear that anyone “underage”, ie, under 18 qualifies for pedophilia. And the ratings soar. This is beyond corrupt and this country surely will pay in due time for how the elected officials lied to everyone. Florida is a joke and after reading this, it becomes clear to me there will never be an end to this. Ever. When I die, I’ll still have my name on that registry. We all know that death is the only way off the registry, and the more stories I read like this only drives it home harder that there isn’t anything anyone can do to change or eliminate the registry or lifetime parole. Face it… I have. My life is completely 100% defined by the registry and lifetime parole and the quicker I assume living my life 100% solely for MYSELF, the easier it’s gotten. I have a new life of selfishness, knowing I can never participate in society or even consider anything that may have a kid present. Accepting this and forgetting society is becoming easier daily.