Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry



Your entire post word for word couldn’t be more true. All we did when I was in treatment was pretty much nothing. They collected the money first of course, and we talked about our cases and in many instances you had to alter your case details so they can hear what they want to hear in order to be passing therapy. My treatment provider was the poster woman for all soccer moms and to no surprise, her husband was a cop. I had to quickly analyze how that system worked so I can prepare and come up with a scheme to beat their scheme in order to get out of there, because it felt like a divised trap to keep you there. I was successful. Sadly, you can’t pass with the truth and I swear to you, that I wanted to be honest. I also learned how to beat the polygraph by looking at YouTube videos from a retired police leutenant that showed you how to beat it. Passed them with flying colors by believing my own lies. Ridiculous and pathetic. The best treatment I got was the support of my family and of remaining friends who stuck by me through it all and still do. Also by coming into comment boards of NARSOL and its nation wide affiliates (and all of these mentioned are for free).