Reply To: Education of the media — and the public — about sexual offense facts is essential

Kevin W

I just wanted to thank you 🙏 Sandy. I really believe that educating people about the registry is a great ideal. I volunteer my services to a organization D.A.R.S.O.L in the state of Delaware. We also try to educate. People do have a stigma about all of us that are on the registry. I have been on the registry for 19 years. I made a bad decision having sexual relationship with a minor who lied to me about her age. I’m not making no excuse about my actions, but what I can’t understand that minors can do that and wouldn’t be punished for it, because my victim had a record and the courts know about it and the crazy thing that the prosecutor said to me, I wished you would have told a lie that I didn’t touch her. He was trying to not bring this into court. Neither the less I accept my punishment, but to be placed on a registry that was suppose to be for violent offenders that’s what gets me. I understand that I broke the law, but however I’m not a rapist, molester, or any threat to anyone. I hold my head high with indignity. I have accomplished a lot of successful goals in my life and I’m working towards a pardon. People really needs to know the truth about the registry. When it’s all is said and done, people will come to realize that maybe we made a bad decision to change the law whereas if you committed a minor sex crime you should be placed on a registry that was attended for repeat sex offense and violent offenders.