Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry


I’ve been through the sex offender “treatment” group as a condition of probation. If you refuse the group, you get violated. The people who lead these groups call themselves “treatment providers”. These idiots couldn’t treat a headache.
They CLAIM they want to get to know us and figure out what caused us to offend. But when you explain to them exactly what happened, they tell you you’re “minimizing the offense and the status of the victim”.

Oh pardon me, Mr/Miss Treatment Provider, but it was not a figment of my imagination that this young “innocent” girl literally jumped my bones like a pro. Either they want to hear all the details or they should perhaps stop asking for all the details.

Also, a one time offense of a statutory age of consent issue should NOT require this idiotic “treatment” program they force us into. It’s nothing but a money making scheme. Also, most treatment groups are lead by females who are obvious man-hating liberal feminists which is very unfair as they already have their minds made up about us.