Reply To: Ohio poised to remove thousands from registry


What I want to know is what exactly do they consider a “threatening to the public” type of offense? Even the description they gave of “rape of a child”, etc, doesn’t tell us what they see as “low level”.
For example, my case/story goes like this;

I had just come out of a divorce from my ex wife who was 7 years OLDER than me. I’ve dated/chased after older women since my teens.
After the divorce and feeling depression from it, I holed myself up at home and the only time I went out and “socialized” was work. I went to work, I came home. I did nothing.
Then I started to spend time online on a website/messaging board which pertained to the gothic subculture(something I happen to like), and soon found myself in a dialogue with a teenager who was a year under my state’s legal age of consent. We chatted back and forth for over a month with no sexual discussion at all. But then I felt attracted to her. She agreed to meet with me. We met 3 times. Engaged in sex 2 times.

With a case like this, do I qualify for being a major threat to the public after considering the circumstances I was in at the time and my mind set after a divorce?
Does a fling with a minor teen make me the big bad wolf?
And what about all the teachers across the country who (for reasons only they know in their own minds) “fell for” a student and had an illegal relationship with that student?

About a month ago, in CT, there was a case of a teacher being arrested for having an affair with a GRADUATING 18 year old. Look at that again… the male student is/was EIGHTEEN. Over the legal age of consent and considered BY FEDERAL LAW an adult.
But the teacher was still arrested and will face sex offender registration when she gets out of prison (this is CT, she WILL go to prison).
Is she a threat to the public? A Teir III offender for a one on one relationship?

Unless there are cases where you have a man or a woman having multiple “victims” , how would a one time, one person encounter qualify as a constant threat?
I think many cases of a statutory nature where the relationship was consensual yet illegal, should be withdrawn from the SOR. I’m sure those are the majority of the people listed on the registry that are just wasting space on it.