Reply To: Education of the media — and the public — about sexual offense facts is essential


I would like to address all of the various people who are on the registry and who may or may not be sex offender treatment. I myself have gone through treatment and I want to tell you although we have done our crime and are in treatment for it don’t feel like you don’t have any rights. You all have more rights than what the the prosecution side realize. You can Legally hold your Treatment Councilor for serious violations of their Legal, Moral Obligations to their Client by keeping a watch on their Behavior. The Code of Ethics is a incredible powerful tools that is available for you to use. If sex offenders are going to be held accountable for their actions than it’s only fair to be able to hold them accountable for their actions . This includes PhD and LCSW. I encourage everyone to read the Code of Ethics from ATSA, AMHCA and NASW. You will be blown away as I was reading it and how it applied to me to the T. Just be warned that there’s a time limit of 1 year to be able to file a claim. The tides are changing little by little in our favor. You all are not monsters but Human beings. Believe in your self and stand up for your Rights.