Reply To: Illinois’ law keeps those with sexual convictions at risk for Covid-19 beyond release dates


I’ve been saying this for the longest time, and I’ll keep saying it because it’s the Damn Truth: This is yet another example of sanctioned murder! The only way to beat this kind of BS, is to get Attorneys and Law Firms together that actually WANT to fight this kind of Systemic Injustice, and send them after the State Governments that openly allow for this to happen! Look People; it’s going to take a lot of MONEY, for any decent, aggressive law firm willing to fight for US, to go to war with such entities. I’m going to begin donating next week when My Social Security Early Retirement comes into my bank account. If each of Us would donate at the very least, $10.00, then NARSOL will have $10,000,000 dollars to get at least some law group or two, that would be willing to wage the kind of war we need waged! This is NOT going to just ‘Go Away’ People. They are hunting US down and want to kill US all. They don’t care about our families, children, and those close to or allied with US. Elected Officials HAVE to be stopped from creating these Draconian Laws and those currently in existence-which is The Registry incidentally-MUST be Eradicated from The Planet! Money Put such Officials into Office. Let’s start using it to take them OUT of Office, and get these Laws Erased Forever!