Reply To: The sex offender registry — a blight on justice and freedom


Linda I appreciate your enthusiasm in your statement. But as someone who made a mistake in 1997, I met a 13 year old girl who reached out to me when I was 19 years old. I understand the frustrations of what we go through. I also go through a cycle of wishing to just simply end my own life.

I have not been able to hold down a solid job except once, when I lived in Michigan. I worked for a tech company for 5 years.

Then I lost that job and was forced to move in with my parents. I went from a 25 year registration period to now being a life registration, all because I changed states. Because I got arrested 3 1/2 years for another issue, not sex related, I am in-elligible for petitioning for relief ever. Already been told by an attorney this. The same one that does work for this website.

When my parents pass away I will become homeless. Since moving to Florida I have been unable to find much in the way of work. In some ways I wish I was one of the victims killed by a vigilante.

The vast majority of the population want as many pedophiles to be hung as possible because of the sex trafficking being brought to light. And in the eyes of most, there is no difference between a Sexual Offender, Sexual Predator or Pedophile. They all mean the same thing.

When I did work, I was traveling for a work contract. I was in Virginia. I had the cop who did my monthly check-ins call me on my phone asking when I was going to return home. He had waited until the end of the month. When I answered not for a couple weeks he began to tell me I must be there for my checkin. He implied I could be arrested if I missed my check-in. This was a North Port police officer in Sarasota County. This is the same cop that reached for his gun when my father came around the corner of our house, on our property while he was out doing yard work.

This is the harsh reality that all offenders must face.

I will be leaving Florida in a month, moving to Georgia. The stigma of this is that Florida will never release me from their public registry. I was convicted in Michigan, but I will be searchable on the internet for the rest of my life. Just type my name in, ping, Sex Offender from North Port, now living at such and such address in Georgia.

Application – Denied; reason, not eligible to work here. And this has been the reason I have been denied employment repeated.