Reply To: What’s next for the Michigan SOR?


Im sure the founding for fathers of our Country would have created Regulatory Schemes if they were legal for felons, which they did not. Theres a reason why the Amendments of Our Constitution are listed, and numbered logically in order starting with the 1st Amendment. The freedom to choose to speak or not to speak. Registration requires one to speak. If you want to exercise your guaranteed protected right, and choose to not speak you are criminalized for failure to register. In the whole Scheme of registration people generally get some form of favor or permission by doing so like driving, fishing, hunting ect not to say one cannot do any of those actions while on private owned land. The registration Scheme over time basically has created a second sub class of Citizens who do not get the same rights as others even after serving their time. Sex Offenders do not get anything in return for registration, and is the fist time laws been created with the attempt to take away Guaranteed Constitutional Protected Rights in the States interest to protect the public. They are forced into servitude in multiple various ways changing from State to State. If a State ever had a duty to protect the public it comes at the time of trial, and sentencing and not after the effect taking away rights on the whim. See PEOPLE v. TOOLATE | 115 Ill. App.3d 13 (1983) where the State wanted to convict for rape where a rape never had happened. This is the leading case that originally started with California, and Illinois changing Rape Laws into SEX OFFENDER laws, and classifying Rape charges into lower charges since Rape needed specific aggravating factors to pass as Rape. Cant be called a rapist or classified as a rapist if you dont have a conviction for rape correct? Think again…. This is why The Sex Offender label was created and equally applied to all persons given a label as a Sex Offender when there is no real law labeled as Sex Offender because according to Supreme Court Ruling in TOOLATE that man could not be convicted for Rape since theres no evidence to support it. Hence why we have Various degrees of sex offender laws today. The legislators are now trying to lump sum everyone in the same boat to bypass/ circumvent the Courts ruling by creating Sex Offenders and Labeling them all Rapist by placing them all onto the same registry based off child molestation even tho in some cases never had anything to do with children.
Im just giving a more accurate detail of whats happened over time since the 80s since Ive researched this in depth, and have kept an eye on this, and this is the information they dont want anyone to know about because it discloses and shows their intent and vindictiveness as they create a class and take away rights with the intent to punish/shame and control people in the name of public safety..