Reply To: NARSOL’s Shannon, Jones, Molnar and WAR’s Henry quoted in new book


Amazing. This was the conclusion I came to as well…..that the SOR and the sex offense punishments have been largely perpetuated by white women, and seems to have an institutionally racist tone. I am a white male, married to a black woman who was raped and abused by her father for years. Despite the horrible acts that she was forced into, she would never want her dad exposed to the types of laws that are in play now. Her dad is dead, and my wife was right by his side. She had long since forgiven him, and has said that he couldn’t forgive himself. She is a big advocate of mental health and restorative therapies. She once did some essays on her views while attending some college classes. Needless to say, the white women that attended the class with her couldn’t believe the supportive nature of her essay. I think the sentiment is largely the same in the Hispanic community as well. It is well known that communities of color have a history of not reporting because the laws are highly destructive and do nothing to restore families, or allow any sort of healing.