Reply To: There has to be a special place in Hell

margaret burke

It amazes me that this particular group oh human has been targeted for years as an excuse to ignore our founding fathers declaration of independence. Registrants walk around daily, having thier civil rights broken I have been living this life since 1986, my son being the offender. Well he has given up and is on the streets dying a slow death. Everytime I read these articles it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth, Who are these people w
out the bible and wanted to know if I would see my son in Heaven. The son I knew before. There is no where in the Bible that God condemns offenders from entering Heaven. So maybe there is a loving end to all this. My heart goes out to families who live with this scarlet letter. Stay strong. Its not over yet. I believe that time is coming when people will get a wake up call. I have seen so much hate towards offecnders, I have to ask myself how does one find so much hate within one self. Margaret Burke