Reply To: “The ‘sex offense legal regime’ ” pronounced a failure

Tim in WI

He (Slick Willy) signed OMNIBUS94 a massive bill full of socialist collective action against individual liberty! Read HR5533(93) before you knowingly place William Jefferson Clinton in the Centrists category. Clinton reinstitutionalized human indenture ( slavery) via SOR as civil and not a punitive designation as per the 13th.
If he South fought to the death to protect slavery as an institution . It’s back! Whether courts of the people acknowledge the fact.
Resistance is futile; You must comply. Per the collective effort.

President Obama was far more centrist than Bill Clinton, he had to be because of his skin tone. That said, IMO the cause of police brutality forming around the murders of George Floyd, T.Martin, T Rice etc etc etc etc etc etc could have happened during the Obama administration. He didn’t make it an issue even though the same abuses were going on.

The alternate purpose of the SOR database was advanced “and to assist law enforcement” What more needs said.