Reply To: NARSOL E.D. quoted in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin


Tim in WI,
I wonder that too.
I am also of the opinion that, as our numbers grow, and as this systemic persecution becomes more egregious, there are going to be louder and louder calls for the type of action you are endorsing – sit-in protests.
I understand that you have not mentioned violence in your post – simply peaceful demonstration.

But I also believe (for good or bad) that some sort of armed confrontation(s) is (are) inevitable at some point in the future.
I believe that there may be martyrs.
Maybe this seems like an extreme viewpoint.
But I am not (in this post) expressing either approval or disapproval of such actions – only that I believe that they will happen in the future. (Nor am I encouraging such actions.)

But I believe that the voices of dissent will get louder, and tensions will grow.