Reply To: “The ‘sex offense legal regime’ ” pronounced a failure

Tim in WI

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Pardon me while I cover my mouth to hold my stomach vomit from spewing.
Who was in charge wen the SOR baby was born? W.J.C.!
I discussed this very issue with Robin V. in post over at NCRSOL. The dimwit left begat the registration regime and in doing so cut the throats of their own base.
Other people believe the left and right have sold America out to big data. All of which resulted directly to the election of Donald J. Trump who completely demolished both parties establishment with the votes from the middle.

I get JACOBIN is now anti-registry, good for them they figured that out but it’s far too late as humans are already indentured servants to database machine properties.
Socialism and it’s finest attempt at creating a more perfect union of people began an electronic collective to enslave humans for life to machine maintenance.

“Resistance is futile…You must comply!”