Reply To: African Americans disproportionately represented on sex offender registries


Gustavo is thinking the same thing that I am…..the blm movement would be an ally against the registry…..absolutely.

With regards to the matter of blacks being over represented on the registry, I think this largely rests on the fact that blacks are disproportionately impoverished. Many of them lack the resources to get a good attorney, AND are not prepared when someone points a finger at them. Like everyone else, they are forced to accept a plea deal rather than throw the dice and risk a mandatory minimum sentence. My son is black and got into a bar fight. I believe he rightfully defended himself, but rather than risk a double felony on his record plus a mandatory minimum sentence for an assault, we agreed that he would plead down to a double misdemeanor. I couldn’t risk him being a black male in front of an all white jury and get screwed over for the rest of his life.

The entire criminal justice system is rigged to extract value from the have-nots, and needs to be scrapped and replaced…..starting with the registry. Blacks are way over represented in the have-not camp. Sandy, I support this article whole heartedly.