Reply To: Can a “culture of entitled authoritarianism” be changed?


@ Tim in WI
As I don’t live in Wisconsin, I cannot say that your statements concerning this Smith Guy, has merit or not. That only matters to him. I hope things go better for him going forward. I do know this however; here in Pennsylvania, I’ve got to keep ahead of things going on all the time…especially with Law Enforcement. I also know that in Pennsylvania Prisons, THERE ARE Corrupt Correctional Officers and Staff, that are only too willing to let a number of Inmates-almost always White by the way-to jump on, hurt and even kill anyone Black, convicted of any kind of Sex Offense. I’ve seen this Firsthand! I almost was such a Statistic Myself, but for The Grace Almighty God and a timely transition to another Facility, I was not. The bottom line still remains as this: Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely. So also, does Absolute Authoritarianism Corrupt Even More, Absolutely! Furthermore, it matters not which State or Commonwealth any of Us live in. The Culture and Pervasiveness of such behaviors of A Few Members Of Law Enforcement Regardless of Duty Placement, manifests itself as the same outcome For Us All, Regardless of Our ‘Paint Job’!