Reply To: The MI SOR: From non-public tool for LE to public, punitive, ineffective monstrosity in 20 years


My thought is if the SOR was meant to be a police tool why dont we just make it that way again. There is no other police files that are accessible to the public. What makes this any different? I cant just say to an officer after they arrest someone on my block to let me see the arrest paperwork so I can get the goods on them. The officer robot do that cause it’s not my business. It also shouldn’t be my business who is on the registry. As long as the police have the list that is good enough for me. There is too much hate and retaliation with this list. This is all people use it for is to stalk, harass, taunt, assault and murder those on the registry and those who live in the residence with them. Trust me I have seen it and this is not right.