Reply To: PA court rules some aspects of sex offender registry constitute punishment

Not a SO

Ha!!! Here it is again. “In Person Reporting”.To a police agency. I have been screaming out this issue for three (3) years and finally, finally, a court has addressed this issue. Specifically, I have been try trying to point out for the last three (3) years what SCOTUS said in “Smith v. Doe, 538 US 84 (2003) pages 101-102”. There, the Court said: “…On its face, the AK sex offender statute does note require ‘IN PERSON REPORTING’ and registrants are free to live and work where they wish and travel without restrictions…” Now, if that ain’t saying that IF the AK statute DID require in person reporting the statute WOULD be infirm/unconstitutional, then I must be mentally retarded because that’s what it is saying to me!!! And with this ruling, it’s got to saying the same thing to the justices on this court and if so then multiple states are in violation because multiple states have not only in person reporting but also residency and travel restrictions; therefore, this issue should again, be taken before SCOTUS for another review.