Reply To: Who Can We Believe?


I still think it’s sad how the system declairs sex offenders as mentally disabled but the principal goal has always been to throw them in prison and lose the key. If it’s a mental issue like they say it is, wouldn’t the more humane and logical thing be to give a offender 5 years in a psychological institution over 5 years imprisonment? I’m just saying from personal experience, prison never did me any favors. It harmed more than it helped. It strips away the last shreds of dignity and humanity a guy has having to fight people just to survive another day all the while listening to the heckling and bs from day to day. God willing, you’d have a good support system when you get out after a decade because starting over is far from easy. I say I got lucky because I had absolutely no social skills what-so-ever when I got out and I was stuck having to make do in a state where I was a non-resident on a lengthy parole. I got a job and made things work. Now I don’t worry so much anymore. I just feel bad for those who are labeled wrong and misunderstood. God help them.