Reply To: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders

Barre Flynn

It is very sad to see this going on. I have often wondered how God sees the good intentions of political leaders who create such unjust and unfair laws for political gain. It’s is also odd that the Corona Virus has the biggest hold on our nation judging by the numbers. I would think that God has created a special place in Heaven for these leaders, it’s called hell. Hopefully, if your son gets the virus he will be able enough to fight it. I work with Nursing Homes in NYC and that is a prison of another sort. Cuomo forced cases to be sent to these homes knowing it would be a disaster. Earlier in the year, he sent a mandate to cut Medicaid by 2 Trillion dollars. This will go a long way to help achieve that goal. There is no doubt that injustice reigns, but behind the scenes, Jesus is our good Shephard and will help us in our time of need. May God Bless your son.