Reply To: The Coronavirus as seen through the eyes of our Insiders


It is not surprising, that such practices are going on even in the Low Security or Minimum Security Level at ANY State or Federal Institution. What this sounds like to me is suspiciously akin to Paul McCarthy’s Song: ‘Live And Let Die’. I say this, because that is exactly, what ‘The Protocols’ of all these Institutions are engaging in. There is however; no amount of musical enjoyment any of those men can have, because what precious little that had left, is now gone. I won’t be surprised furthermore, if after The Pandemic is over, they continue such practices. Look, the bottom line once again is this as I see it: Federal and State Legislators all across the Nation, want to appease The General Public and show that they’re ‘Tough On Sex Offenders’, by literally dictating to The Bureau Of Prisons, to do as little as possible to enable anyone with a Conviction, especially Sex Offense Convictions, to survive this Horrible Virus. As for The So-Called ‘Justice’ Department, they’re literally in the same bed with The BOP. As for the So-Called Supreme Court? To me, they’re all just a bunch of Robed ‘Yes Men and Women’. Everybody knows that The Country is really run, by Not-So-Secret Wealthy Third Parties and Corporations, that don’t give a damn about Families that are Middle Income to Low Income. The Constitution today, is a complete Farce and an Equally Sick Joke as a Document! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again and again. Until Sex Offender Registries and Laws are completely Obliterated, none of us on it, will ever be truly free!! There’s no such Thing as ‘Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness’ anymore, and never again will there ever be. And finally; Young Man, I hate to tell you this but The Media most likely won’t want to tell your Story, because it will affect their Ratings.
And they can’t have that now…can they? Your Family on the other hand, while they still are Free Enough to do so, can!