Reply To: A battle for all of us

Jeffrey Harrison

I was recently releived of my duty to register on the Wyoming sex offender registry. But The State, for some reason did not show up for the hearing and the Judge that releived me from regestaring retired. The new Judge after the new hearing with the State placed me back on the registry. Hear in Wyoming the Law Changed in 2007 For regestaring on the list. My incident witch was Alcohol related, not an excuse, Was Sexual Assault in the fourth Degree. That Statute no longer exist, so element of my incedent fell under the statue for sexual assault in third degree. This Incedent happend in 1993 I was not ordered to register till 2009 have been on the registar for 11 years so now they want me to wait another 14 years to appeal the court again I am 52 years old now I will be 66 years old when I can reappeal the court. I have appealed the lastest decision now it will go to supream Court. I Have Three beautiful, Smart Daughters that have suffered through this and still maintaining there grades I have One daughter who in College that is studying to become a Lawyer to help me with this, she told me that she could not for a better Father and that I don’t deserve what they are doing doing to me. My lawyer is frustrated as well.