Reply To: Should “criminals” be left in prison to die of Covid-19? Some say yes


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Email to SAMANTHA J. GROSS Miami Herald on 4/25/2020
Every time inmates are released for compassionate reasons, those who have formerly committed sex crimes are excepted from our compassion.
In fact, though, those criminals who have committed sex crimes are statistically the least likely to reoffend! (As they age, their likelihood of reoffense all but disappears.) This is not widely known to the public, but has consistently been shown to be true in numerous, state, university and federal studies done of recidivism.
When we refuse to extend compassion to those prisoners who have the best chance at reform, we turn our backs on science, reason, justice and mercy. Instead, we succumb to hate and fear.
Keeping former sex offenders locked up during this global pandemic is akin to a genocide!