Reply To: A battle for all of us

Mary Roberts

Hello Brenda, I completely understand what you are saying. I know that the public has to be educated and I am taking what I think is an interesting approach to reach one person at a time in the hopes that they talk about it to people they know. I receive all kinds of junk mail that has return envelopes included. Instead of sending a donation or a response that they are expecting, I am sending a letter that explains why I cannot afford to do what they are asking of me. I tell my son’s story of being involved in a sex sting even though he was on an adult site looking for an adult date. Law enforcement took advantage of his vulnerable state, being extremely lonely and depressed ( he lives in a very desolate area of MI), and created a crime where there was none. He was clearly speaking to an adult on the phone had no chance to see who it was he was meeting – they tackled him and arrested him before he had a chance to see the person and decide to leave. Had they left him alone, he would have gone on to meet the adult he intended and then he would have gone home with no issues.

Someone opening the envelope I am sending back is going to expect to see something other than my letter and I’m hoping they find it unusual enough to talk about it.