Reply To: “How much shame and suffering are enough?”


May God Bless you and your family ABUNDANTLY, Jill.


Thank you for your story.

Your strength is extraordinary.

Faith in God can only be the Source for strength like that, I believe.

To those whose belief system incorporates our taking responsibility and receiving whatever consequences as the offenders we once were, I offer this:

Yes. We chose to commit our acts.

In our selfish state of mind, we chose to hurt.

Regardless of the cost it had on us, our families, our friends, acquaintances and finally, our victim(s) lives and their relationships.

And then? We were punished.

Some was extreme, some was minimal.

But as a result of our punishment, most of us…stopped.

We stopped.

We stopped hurting people.

Some of us even became BETTER people..after..our horrible choice was made so long ago.

If I could heal those ones I hurt, I would do it in a heartbeat.

If I could erase their memory of the horror I caused? I would risk life and limb for them.

If I could give them memories of beauty, I’d sell all to achieve that.

But I can’t.

We will always remember who we once were.

What we did.

The devastation we caused.

But at some point…Forgiveness must intercede.

And Restoration…must persist.

Anything else…is horror perpetuated.