Reply To: “How much shame and suffering are enough?”

Mr. Obvious

First, I want to thank all of the volunteers at NARSOL for all of your efforts to right the wrongs done by a government that is out of control where this issue is concerned. Let me start by saying that I lead a good life after prison… and I made that happen with persistent effort and faith in God. Those who insist that we made our choices and must now accept the consequences as they exist are ignorant of what these laws actually are. Every one of these registry laws are “ex post facto” despite what the courts have decided they “think” they are. We did our time and should be allowed to resume our lives just like every other category of crime. Why should a drug dealer who has harmed many minors just as bad be given better consideration than us? Which brings up the Constitutional issue of “equal protection” under our laws (another area judges refuse to recognize because they fear being voted out of office). I can appreciate that I need to accept responsibility for my actions, but I will never accept that responsibility under unconstitutional laws.