Reply To: What keep us safe? It’s sure not the sexual offense registry


Hi Sandy, not to butt into your narrative, to which I totally agree btw, however I wanted to throw in a different argument against simple facts and logic as the only way, etc.
The reality is, people make decisions based on an emotional reaction first, then try to justify it with logic or rationalizations. So yes, we must appeal to the emotional side if we hope to activate the empathy in the populace to “experience” the wrongness of the registry. Facts are awesome so far as data is concerned, but we already know that spiked how many facts are available politicians, news media, in the common man are making emotional decisions about the registry and about those that they want to label a sex offenders. even the court of law is driven by emotional reactions to what they hear and see, and then apply the legalese to what they’ve already decided based on emotional reactivity. If it wasn’t true then we would have won the war long time ago just by publishing a few facts.
thank you Sandy for always coming up with the unique arguments that help people stop and think about what’s going on.