Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

Terry Brunson

@ Mike

The LaCombe Case is to your advantage and so is the Moore Case as for now today until the PSP’s appeal is allowed at the PASC They file their appeal 4 Feb 2020

And the High court will not get to it until Sept 2020 – It is likely the PASC may question the lawyer for Moore and ask was Muniz in the thought and why did he use the PA Constitution and just relied on the federal Constitution alone.

The case is at 42 WAL 2020
Com. v. Moore, L. Pet. of: Atty Gen & St Police

It will be up in the air but as of today you are safe – at you Prelimary Hearing your lawyer should not accept a withdraw without filing a motion to dismiss. They is no stay in place on the Moore Case so the PSP has limited time left/ I pray that I am not confusing in my explanations. Hands down the Moore case is the law as of right now. since 23 October 2019 You are safe don’t worry. The PSP doesn’t have alot of time to go aftwr you- they may plan to withdraw – If you hear that make sure you let your lawyer know that you know that you can object to the court subject matter jurisdiction and move for a dismiss with prejudice