Reply To: Federal Judge strikes parts of Michigan SORA



This just from the ACLU:

The order does the following:
1. Law enforcement must immediately stop enforcing registration, verification, school zone violations, and fee violations in connected with Michigan’s sex offender registry law from February 14, 2020 until the COVID-19 crisis has ended. NOTE: this order enjoins the enforcement of the registry but does NOT stop law enforcement from continuing to use the registry.
2. The COVID-19 crisis is considered ended:
a. When there is no longer an operative federal or state executive order or legislative act declaring a state of emergency, or
b. When the Court determines that the conditions giving rise to the need for this Order no longer apply, and
c. Registrants are notified of their duties under Michigan’s registry law going forward.
3. Within seven (7) days of this Order (April 13, 2020):
a. Michigan State Police shall post notice of this Order on their website and other locations where it can be seen widely by registrants.
b. The Prosecuting Attorneys Association Coordinating Council must provide notice of this Order to all Michigan’s Prosecuting Attorneys.
c. Michigan State Police must provide notice of this Order to the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and to the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association, who must send notice to all law enforcement personnel who are responsible for registry enforcement matters.
4. The attorneys involved in this case must report to the court every 30 days on the progress of this order.

Respectfully Tim P ACLU of Michigan SOR Specialist