Reply To: Sexually violent predator laws upheld by Pa. Supreme Court


As an SVP struggling to live in this ‘Common-Hell’, The PA State Legislature and Supreme Court, have only one Agenda on their collective minds: Ensuring that SVP’s are exposed to ‘Vigilante Justice’! They’ll say they are not doing this for the purpose I just stated; however, in the privacy and comfort of their homes, that is EXACTLY, what they hope will always happen to people like me. To be Attacked, and Severely Hurt or outright Killed! Oh sure; they’ll give some kind of punishment; to the One or Ones attacking and perhaps killing me, a Slap on The Wrist, or maybe even A significant amount of time in Prison…maybe.
Still; the guy or guys that would do me in, will get out and THEY won’t be on any Registry now will they? Of course not! Before, during and even after the fact, they’ll still be Heralded as Heroes. Coronavirus or no, The Common-Hell of Pennsylvania, will surely see to it that My Life, and all SVP’s Lives in The State, remains just what it is now: A Constant Struggle just to Survive, and have No Peace of Mind or even a chance at a Peaceful, Close-To-Normalized Life. The current Legislature WILL NOT, change The current Laws, even if they were given a direct Mandate to do so from The Federal Government. So it stands to their reason, that they have to Sanction The Murder of ALL OF US. They’ll use the Argument of ‘Keeping The Public Safety and Welfare of Children’ as a means to bolster their position, and Don’t Give A Damn, about OUR Human Lives. ‘Indifferent Ignorance’, is the Shield they’ll Always Hide Behind: Both PA Supreme Court, AND The Legislature!
This is one of many reasons, I Pray that I stay alive long enough, to get enough money together to get out of Pennsylvania for good. If I’ve got to live with this label for the rest of my years on Earth, at the very least, I’d like to live in a State that does not have a State Supreme Court Cloned from Pennsylvania’s
Before you say it, I already know: “Good Luck With That.”
We’ll ALL need it.