Reply To: Michigan State Police Turning Away Pre-2011 Registrants


I was convicted of attempted aggravated sexual battery in Oct. 1994. from Tennessee. A class C felony, I moved back to Mich May 1999. Mich, turned my class C into a class A making a lifetime registration. I called the Mich. State Police in
in Alpena Mich on April 1, 2020 and was told by the officer on the phone that I did not have to verify anymore. I did not get his name. Like the rest of you, I am very concerned. I ask if I had to pay my $50.00 and he said I no longer had
\to verify. How do I get the $50.00 to them? If they do reinstate the registry which I pray they do not, why do they use a tier system instead of using the class of the felony? Thank you all for keeping up on this.