Reply To: This time “No sex offenders allowed” could equal a death sentence


Typical Christianity. Some may counter my 2-word blanket statement by stating not all Christians approve of the reprehensible banishment we see in Florida; their counter-statements are accurate. Yet, where are most voices belonging to those wearing the “I am a Christian” mantle when banishments of this nature are enacted? Do I hear crickets?

How many times have we heard of the Bible guiding the hearts and minds (assuming they have a mind) of legislators as they take the oath of office? What religious mantle do the vast majority of legislators wear, the same legislators who draft the Draconian laws which assail registrants like you and me? What religious mantle do most law enforcement official hide behind as they thrust their Nazi jackboots upon our necks when enforcing Draconian measures? Dare I say the mantles are “Christian?”

Whenever a person states “I am a Christian,” I have to grin and reply with “thanks for the warning.” I shall take my leave by referring to the sage wisdom of Thomas Jefferson: “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shown on man.”