Reply To: This time “No sex offenders allowed” could equal a death sentence


Charlie is correct, I believe.

We simply cannot think or act the way these people are thinking and acting towards us.

“Stoop to there level.” as it is called.

We need a place to vent our frustrations, of which I am very grateful to these forums, but when we have vented, we must remain calm, disciplined, and clear when we speak and act regarding the registry needing eradicated based on the empiracl data that supports that eradication.

Society is emotional.

And at this time the pandemic has brought that emotion to unprecedented heights.

For everyone.

Once again, emotion is why most of us comitted our crime…and that is also why the registry, which is also illegal, exists.

We must control our outbursts when we are in the “activist” role.

We must speak calmly, look, and sound rational.. which indicates to people that we are sane..when we represent our stance in this fight to our authorities and people of government.

Uncontrolled emotional responses on our parts… in their ears…equals “We make the right laws against them.”

Last thought, I believe Donna is right.

As NARSOL is doing, we need to tabulate all of these atrocities that these organizations are doing to the RC and present the list to those who need to know about the atrocities…when the time comes.