Reply To: This time “No sex offenders allowed” could equal a death sentence


Maybe now is the time for everyone with a sex conviction, including women, children, sexting teens, Romeos & Juliets, teens who got caught doing it in the backseat, adults who got caught in public, those who urinated on the side of the highway, etc to finally congregate and storm Washington and show the “great nation” of the USA that stands so firm on its “Christian values” who the faces of sex offenders are. Those faces aren’t all about the horrific crime that happened to Megan Kanka and many of the things that the lawmakers decided to include as “sex offenses” should not be considered “sex offenses”.

I understand we’re not a popular bunch, but something has finally got to give. Even for those who are no longer required to register in their home states but are burdened with having to register in other states in their “great nation”.