Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

Terry Brunson

@ Mike

In your case – the LaCombe case 35 MAP 2018 argued 20 November 2019 is the law from the lower court for now. The PSP is at enforcement of the case against you is the problem. Your lawyer knows the outcome – the DA or PAG in your case will come with a plea to try to get you to sign and in that plate will be a give up of the appeal right in light of the LaCombe appeal now in deliberation at the PASC awaiting final ruling.

You show be pressing your lawyer for his in put. He is riding the bus on this expecting you to make the decision when the DA or PAG come to the plea.

It is fearful to face jail time or sign this plea and yooooooou can go – but the deal is they will after the plea try to revoke your probation and jail you anyway. the PSP is out of control on this sex offender witch hunt