Reply To: NARSOL demands stoppage of in-person check-ins for those on the registry


Just an idea..

For all those who have had their reporting duties suspended temporarily due to the pandemic:

1) Calculate the number of days, starting with the day of your normal reporting date, until your sheriff clarifies the date of when you need to report. When that date comes, by all means report.

2) During your “pandemic hiatus”, watch your local news for any sex crimes being reported in your communities.
Make a very detailed list of each story. Names, dates of occurrence, alleged crimes committed, as much detail as possible.

If no crimes were reported…note that. Note that even though you were on “pandemic hiatus” NO CRIMES WERE COMMITTED. That proves to the sheriff that you committed 0 crimes while you were “temporarily free”.

3) When you go in to report, take your enumerated list with you of all the sex crimes that happened while you were on “pandemic hiatus”.

Show your officer your list. Allow them to make a copy of it.

Hopefully, they will see that:
1) All these people…ARE NOT YOU!.. proving that the US Citizens on this registry are NOT perpetrating these crimes. Proving that this thing is a waste of time, money, resources and that the public is NOT safer with it intact.


2) YOU COMMITTED NO CRIME WHILE “FREE”, resulting in the same conclusion as above.

Your sheriff… just might know some law makers in your community and take your research to them for their consideration.

“Ye shall know the TRUTH…and the TRUTH…SHALL. SET. YOU. FREE.”-a Man like no other from Galilee