Reply To: NARSOL demands stoppage of in-person check-ins for those on the registry

Not a SO

People! As to “In Person Reporting”to a police agency, I have been trying to inform you for two or more years what the Supreme Court said in “Smith v. Doe 538 US @ 101” : ….On its face, the AK statute DOES NOT require “In Person Reporting” to a police agency, and registrants are free to live and work where they wish and travel without restrictions…” So, is not the Court saying that if the AK statute had these components to their statute wound be infirm? I mean, that’s what good old logic and reasoning tells me. And if the Court is saying this then all states that do require “in person reporting” to a police agency is in violation. Wouldn’t this be correct? I have for two years tryed to get either defense, appellate or constitutional lawyers to clarify these statements by the Court; unfortunately, none of the 21 lawyers I have made the inquiry to would respond.