Reply To: NARSOL’s attorney wins important procedural due process case

Joseph R Park Jr

I agree with you that the sex offender registry scheme is coming apart at the seams, one victory at a time, building upon each victory great or small. I think I might move temporarily to North Carolina to this very same jurisdiction and using the very same attorney, try ’em up. It is my personal opinion that North Carolina is fertile ground for challenging registry laws because they write such sloppy, unconstitutional laws and then are unable to successfully defend them in court. Hence, Grady and Packingham, and now Meredith. (There may be others – these are just the ones I know about without looking.) It seems that the North Carolina Supreme Court has the misbegotten attitude that no goddam lowdown scum of the earth sex offender is going to win anything in our court. That’s (not) okay, just take it straight to the Federal District Court instead.