Reply To: The denial of redemption


This deniel of redemption is an interestiing topic. After reading all you guys comments also the one I posted there is still something missing. I believe Malllory came the closes to the truth understanding and Charlie gave a church view of his denial we still should ponder on this more. Rich you have a very good article but where is the proof or is it in the hands of others that deny one today or in the system itself.

Don’t get me wrong but redemption is good but so is respect. Like James said are we deciphering our own riddle. Are not we all suppose to show respect when respect is due? Is todays payola how many internet sex offenders one can round up with this false or fake gimmick of enticement by sex with a fake teenage person and when one is lead astray. Who is the laugh on and where is the respect or redemptive value in that. Sure one can weld the sword but also one can break commendants also. I wonder what Government is true and what one is corrupt in its redemptive values today or is government breaking their vainglory for some justicifiable standard? Are we all getting a denial of our rights or a respect of rights?

I wonder who is in denial today. Sure I’ll tell anyone that ask if I’m a sinner if they really want to know but who’s looking in the mirror at oneselve. Sure we all have had our ups and downs and I’m sure we are all mad at a lot of this offender situation but redemption by those that show their lack of respect to others is not redemption. Sure we can all harp about discrimination or living with teenagers or not taking action but one has to thank NARSOL is pressing to action with the help of you all writing letters to senators, government, and helping in all this effort is this is a big issue or should we say We are all sex offeners.