Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


It is Offical!!!! The last time I am required to register is 7/13/2020. That is as long as my information doesn’t change between 7/13/2020 and 7/13/2021. They were confused on why I was calling in 588 days early. I told them my paperwork still said 2025. They said they are “done” with my file and the system now recognizes that my last “reporting date” is 7/13/2020 as long I don’t change my reportable info for a year after that date. They also told me that “sometime in 2019” all pre sorna people will be labeled by their term. For example, I will be a 10y because I was sentenced to 10 years of registration. I am just glad that worse case all I have to do is wait the 588 days and try like hell avoid moving, selling or buying vehicles, change jobs, or change school for 12 months.