Reply To: Caring for a registrant can be fatal


Hello Lori, you know Lori I hate to say this but you are right. And yes at times we can all be amazed at others even at ourselves. Sure we have all played doctor or did some things in our growing stages that would be sexual oriented as bad character. Men and women alike but many grow out of stages and some stay the same. It is just like an alcholic that can’t quit their habit or are possed with the habit of. Yes, TV and other things can trigger if one is not careful.

Others may look at the sex offender as someone one don’t need in our neighborhood but they themselves don’t look at themself as they have the same motivation and drive. Does one think to themself as doing something special by getting revenge of the big bad monster or sex pervet. Is this not a corrupt and perverse generation?

Now all you ladies that have commeted about your son’s seem to worry about your son’s and you really shouldn’t. We all get caught up in the moment of sexual desire. We are human, but to offend others in callous, or do harm to another show’s callous character. Law enforcement’s seem to overlook this to an extent and people seem to Judge others when at times they are the offender enticing. One has to even wonder about these internet ordeals. Don’t get me wrong protecting kids is good but yelling rape or something like abuse is not. I wonder who show’s character today in policing others.