Reply To: Florida’s sex offender camps: “Animals live better than this”


Hi, I have an issue that I have trouble finding the answer. Louisiana passed a law in 1992 requiring sex offenders to register retroactively of convictions before the attorney general’s interim ruling that sex offenders register whose convictions where before the enactment, is this legal? Additionally, the act was changed in 1999 in place of the 1992 act requiring a sex offender to register as a sex offender to register for life for certain crimes.

Also, If you are still incarcerated on or after July 19th 1992 you have to register, so if some sex offenders get to bypass the system if he is released July 18th or before. Does this sound like equal protection of the law?

In my case, I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED TO REGISTER. I was pulled over for a traffic violation and the officer wanted to know why sex offender wasn’t on my driver’s license I explained, I didn’t know that I had to register. This happened 16 years after completing parole.

I investigated my case and found that (2) parishes have falsified (3) documents with my signature where I registered as a sex offender. I knew I had never registered before and as the sheriff of my parish has arrested me (3) times for the same exact charge failure to register as a sex offender. The last (2) times I had to pay 3,000 cash bond each on the last two bonds. I can prove I was never at the parish jail at 12:42pm Jan. 4th 1996 or at the parole office on this same date where an agent stated she notified me to go & register because I went to my place of employment got a copy of my work sheet which is iron clad that I punched in at 7:00am and punched out at 5:00 pm.

All the evidence is in my favor and I am very glad I had finished (2) law courses while in prison because they framed me once, however I vowed to myself that it will never happen again.

I am fighting my case myself in Tangipahoa Parish, Where I filed a motion to quash that R.S. 15:544 (C) where “ongoing offense” for prescription period had been taken out of the statute therefore it’s no longer non-finality. They had (6) years to prosecute me and it expired over a decade ago.

It’s so wonderful when you can stand up against a corrupt sheriff. In closing, I just want to say that I want to thank almighty God! Who has answered my prayers and knows I was set up before because of a prostitute who has had her brother in jail for rape because he would not give her money for drugs. I n addition to having her uncle in jail for rape on another different charge including other men as well because they refused to give her money for drugs.