Reply To: Action Alert — Sen. Tom Cotton: “No early release for sex offenders”

R. Arens

Funny how it goes. I served 7 years total for my sex offense and it never ceases to offend me how myself and others in my predicament are seen as lethal threats to public safety and yet in the 7 years I served, I witnessed innumerable amounts of gang members and other rif raf with mean streaks a mile wide go in on (say) a 10 / 15 year sentence and get paroled in a year or two. It’s insulting. Aside from my crime, I had no other criminal record. I was a car dealer, church member, home owner and volunteer for my local head start chapter. Ya. To think a guy with a larger sentence who took and never gave back and was likely a threat to his neighbors selling drugs to kids is a better candidate for parole than I was, it makes a guy wonder where priorities really like with the bureaucrats in charge.