Reply To: Action Alert — Sen. Tom Cotton: “No early release for sex offenders”

John S

Many thanks for your kind words.

I found an article about Cotton written shortly after his becoming Senator in January 2015. Reprinted in The Arkansas Times, it first appeared as a Washington Monthly article written by Ed Kilgore. Below are a few excerpts; the last one I believe is still quite valid.

“. . . Having read a New York Times article on a covert Bush administration operation to gain access to the financial records of American citizens without warrant or subpoena in an effort to find possible links to terrorist networks, Cotton penned a letter to the Times suggesting that reporters and editors responsible for the story be prosecuted for espionage.

“This is clearly not a man of nuanced views. . . .

“Cotton is emblematic of a brand of movement conservatism that has slowly taken over the Republican Party after decades of struggle; saw its ultimate validation in the 2010 midterm elections; and isn’t about to loosen its grip on its trophy of ideological war. Its shock troops believe in a rigid, permanent model of governance that is impervious not only to Washington power games and deal-making, but to the social and economic consequences of its preferred policies and indeed to all contrary empirical evidence. . . .

“So yeah, it kind of matters that so many people like Cotton carry so much weight in the House Republican Caucus. Asking them to be “realistic” is like staring into the eyes of a goat and expecting to find a glimmer of comprehension. It just ain’t happening, and the punditocracy had best remember that next time it is surprised by right wing intransigence, which will shine on brightly through all the haze of conventional politics.”